What does good analysis of language look like? (Gr12)

What you need to do…

Read the following analytical comments on the advertisement below. Work with a partner to rank them in order of the best pieces of analysis to the least effective. Make sure you can justify your choices.

Image result for singapore airlines premium economy class ad

A) The windows hovering in the air make the audience know that the advertisement is for aeroplane seats.

B) The woman is sitting in a chair, reclining and drinking a glass of champagne. She is being waited on by an air hostess who looks like she might be getting ready to offer the woman sitting a pillow. The businesswoman is dressed very elegantly and has a fancy travel bag.

C) The dominant colour in the image is gold, which helps to support this idea of the newness of the product they are offering (premium economy seats) as well as evoking a sense of luxury as gold is often associated with expensive jewelry. 

D) The Singapore airlines logo in the corner of the advertisement makes the reader understand that they are the company who this advertisement is for.

E) The woman is sitting in a relaxed manner which highlights the comfort of the seats. The fact she is drinking champagne also reinforces the idea that the airplane seats are luxurious. 


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