I will endeavour to offer you continuous feedback on any frequent grammar errors I can identify in your writing and you can use this page to help find resources to learn the rules and practice using correct grammar.

You may find as you begin reading resources on correct grammar that you will need to start learning numerous new terms related to grammar. These can be quite overwhelming, so please ask me for help when you feel lost.

Also, remember that the best way to continue to develop all your language skills is by regular reading. It doesn’t matter what you’re reading (novel, graphic novel, blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc.) as long as you are reading. Continually having English running through your brain through the process of reading will help you develop the language areas of your brain that will enable you to improve your own use of English.


Here are some common grammar mistakes:

Incorrect Use of Articles

Articles are the, a, and an. Other languages, like Korean, don’t have articles and so it is often very difficult for students who are learning English to use these correctly. You can find more information here. Here’s a game you can play to practice using articles correctly. Here are some more advanced activities for practicing article use.  If you find any good one please share them with me and I can add them here.


Inconsistent Verb Tense

When we refer to tense, we mean past, present and future. Verbs have different forms depending on their tense. For example, walk (present), walked (past).

For the most part, I believe that most of the tense mistakes I see students making are caused by carelessness rather than a lack of understanding  of the rules, because once I identify the mistake for students they are able to self-correct easily. Here’s an example of a sentence where the tense changes:

  • I was supposed to run but after I got tired I walk.

This mistake is easy to spot, I hope. The writer is referring to the past tense (was) so they should use the past tense form of walk (walked).

You can learn more about verb tenses here.


Here are five more common grammar mistakes that I too see often in writing.