Gr 10 Independent Novel Study

The final unit of our Grade 10 Language and Literature course involves the study of a novel of your choice (from the list below). You get to choose your own novel because it will mean that you will be more engaged if you get to choose the novel you study. Also, by working with small groups you will develop important communication skills and the ability to draw conclusions independently.

Here are the novels you can choose from:

  • To Kill a Mockingbird 
  • Speak 
  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven 
  • Lord of the Flies 
  • Looking for Alibrandi
  • The Housekeeper and the Professor 
  • Of Mice and Men


After you’ve finished reading one of these novels, make a time with me to take a comprehension quiz. If you pass the quiz, you can put a stamp next to your name in the poster in G1. Pass 5 or more quizzes and I’ll bake you a cinnamon roll (or something equally delicious). (NB: You can only see these after you’ve finished reading the novel and you’ve asked me to take the quiz).


Group Notes Documents

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Looking for Alibrandi

Of Mice and Men

Lord of the Flies


The Housekeeper and the Professor