Death of a Salesman

Learning Targets for this Unit

This list of ten important details from the play are a good place to begin to understand the play.

When you are reading the play by yourself, you may want to read along to this…

Here is a film version (the quality isn’t good) that has Dustin Hoffman as Willy Loman.

Here you can see an interview with the author, Arthur Miller, as he talks about his play.

You may find this interview with Miller interesting as well. He provides a valuable glimpse into the themes of the play that he tried to explore through its structure. You can find a few other interviews of Miller on youtube.

You may find this analysis quite entertaining…

Here’s another interview with Arthur Miller. The first couple of minutes is about “Death of a Salesman”, the rest is about Marilyn Monroe and other stuff.

The following quiz is assessing only your surface level knowledge of what happens in the play. It’s important to be able go deeper into analysing the play, but make sure you can answer these questions first to ensure you have a firm base of knowledge from which to build you deeper analysis.

Basic Comprehension Quiz (Plot)

Detailed Comprehension Quiz (Plot)

Willy Loman Guided Analysis (Characterisation)